Earned Value Management

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What is Earned Value Management:

Earned Value management is a tool to control and monitor the cost of the project.

It integrates Cost, Schedule and Scope and evaluate the performance of the project based on indexes…..

This course is about:

This course enables you to investigate and control the performance of a project based on Earned Value Management method – an approved technique by Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

What is the content of this course

This course will cover:

  • A brief description of the Earned Value Management Method.
  • How to assign percentage of completion to a task.
  • Earned Value concept.
  • Planned Value value.
  • Cost and Schedule variance
  • How to plot Earned Value diagram.
  • Cost Performance Index.
  • Schedule Performance Index.
  • 3 Estimate at Completion indexes.
  • To Complete Performance Index.

How this course is different

  1. This course will explain the EVM method by Applying two practical examples.
  2. This user friendly course will use 2 D animation, graphic motions pictures, table, diagrams, etc to ease the process of learning.
  3. The content of the course is based on approved scientific and academical references.

What you will learn at the end

By the end of this course you would be able to:

Evaluate the Cost performance of a project

Make a precise Estimation of project’s Cost

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